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Color by Number - Review

I definitely rate to color by number 10 out of 10! I love playing in my free time, and I’ve introduced the app to all of my friends! I love all the pictures you can color and I love the fact that you can take a picture of yourself and color it! Again, I rate it a 10 out of 10!

Great app in all but two recommendations.

I love this app! But I have two suggestions.. 1. Tags I go in the gallery to look for something to color but I can't find anything I like. I think you should add tags so if you were looking for something specificly you can just search it with a hastag. 2. More things to upload I uploaded 1 thing then I went to upload another and boom! Buy the memebrship or whatever it was called! Atleast give us two posts per day!

زراعي ابو طياره


I love it ❤️

This is the best app ever one it has new pictures everyday. Two the cool things you can do with the 3D pictures. Finally I love the animation ones

Crazy party

Color by number is a great game for people who love to color or have fun with art👍🏻.

This app

I love this app it is so relaxing

Ok but....

It's ok but inorder to take a photo then color it in you have to pay


Love coloring it’s so fun

Could be better

You should be able to use import without having to pay but other than that pretty good game👌🏻

Love it

When I first did this I was like 😮 then I was like 😁

Make it all free

Please make all of the pictures free because I like all of them and people get color what they want.

Money suckers

This app is money sucking “whoops looks like you’re out of buckets so I guess you have to pay 99$ for a membership to get more oh and you can’t color more than 10 drawings so good luck

Okay, ig

I loved it when I first got this app. Hardly any ads, easy to use, everything easy to color. Then the new updates came in. A ton of ads, literally evertime I finish anything I have to watch an ad. It is still fairly easy to use but the 3D stuff I feel is harder to color, and is pretty useless.


They are good but I think they should make all of them free

Very good

Very therapeutic


I love this game so much I love it I want to have it all the time and never stop playing it

Predatory practice

Free trial leads to a default $7.99 charge to your card per week. Thankfully I saw the subscription email from Apple and canceled my trial but pricing on this app (subscription prices to boot) are down right predatory. Also pricing is not worth the money. Maybe a 1 x $5 charge for the app sure, but $8 per week or $20 per month or $100 per year. How is that remotely appropriate from a pricing perspective...stay away, far far away and watch out for the “free trial” is free for 3 days only then they charge you.

Amazing game

This is an awesome game it’s so relaxing

Great game!

This is a really fun game! Awesome time passer and addictive!

Love it

It’s really fun for kids to play and entertaining i love it and it does not need internet so you can use it anywhere you want I give it a 5 star for such a great work

Cute and fun game

I really just love the art that’s on here! It’s really beautiful and pretty please make more! Also there cute and Kawaii arts in here also food! Which I really enjoy! I would always try to find a pixel art that the best app! And I remembered making pixel art on this app! And I was very happy when I found it! Also did I mention the graphics in this game are sooo cute!. :3

It’s ok but...

It’s ok but it can be even better if you let people make their own images . So please try to make it possible

Color by number

It’s so relaxing I do it everyday!

Fun game

This is fun to play. Also so many different pictures you could chose from.

Definitely buy

Very good and very few ads customizable with beautiful and bright colors

Color number

Omg I love this game it is hard but there is so many Words on the pages

Beautiful game


Great for coloring

You can color things it’s fun and amazing

Free Stuff Problems

I greatly enjoy this app(even though I don’t have a membership) but I can’t get my “daily upload” for drawings. I won’t spend money on this app and I want the free items I deserve. I know it works daily because it worked for two days. Please fix this soon.

Pixel art

It works really well it does not glitch like the other one with the lizard on it

Inappropriate ads

While I personally enjoy this app, I babysit a 5 year old girl who loves to color on here too. One ad the popped up on her tablet was for a lip syncing app and included the person in the ad saying the b word. This game needs to be more kid friendly!!!😡

Love this app

Awesome game!!

Super Duper colorful

The Game is so good I love colorful stuff like the logo of color by number rainbows And cute it’s so awesome you have to downloaded

The best thing ever

Amazing game 😎😜👍

Bring back the import!!!

Please please please bring back the option for non members to import pictures!! i love that feature but don’t want to spend the money because i am too young to use in app purchases. i love this app and wish you would bring the import feature. ❤️


Color by number is so relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A good app

This a good apl


I love to draw so this is parfict game!!💞💓yayaya

Pros and Cons

Pros: It’s a Great Coloring Game That’s Easy to Play And I Love How It Has Shading! Cons: The Subscription Yeah, I Know It’s Just So You Don’t Make a Great Game And Don’t Get a Reward But Still.

Fun but..

The app is fun to pass time. I tried the trial where I could color anything they have to offer. I cancelled the week trial, deleted the app. My son was heartbroken, so I downloaded it again. It offered another free week, I cancelled on the 7th, was charged on the 8th and it wasn’t supposed to renew until the 11th. Dealing with Apple right now to resolve this issue. $8/week is too much.


Fun and easy.

Love this game

Awesome guys...#BestGameEverr


This game is so fun but also calming


I love this game so much


This game is so cool and I love playing it!!!

It amazing

Its so calming and it’s soo much fun!! OMG!! I’ve had so much fun using this app since day 1 literally!! 100% Recommend!!

#Adult coloring book!!

#Adult coloring book!! I love this so much it makes time go by!!!


I love this app so much everyday I get on my phone you are the first game I want to play they say because of you best game ever yours truly 💓💓💓


I like the color by number. I would love to see a count of how many are left of each color as you go. That will help with the bigger ones knowing how many are left to find one or more.


It has so cute drawings and you could go on for hours on it. It keeps you relaxed.!!” !

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