Color by Number: Coloring Book App Reviews

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Fun but expensive

I love this app but I would not spend like money on this app I have other things I need to buy for myself.

So awesome but needs a little work

I love how there are sections for cute,new,animals,food and other ones but also most of the best ones you have to pay for to color them and most of the crown ones I love but you can’t color them unless you pay for them and I think you should have more cool cute and other ones not so you have to pay for them.I saw a really cute cat on a cone like it was ice cream but you would have to by it if you wanted to color it and I did but I didn’t want to pay for it so I thought you guys could make it so you have more options but everything else you did a great job on.👍💜😻💕

I love it but ........

I think it can better because The category that I like to do like food category there are no pictures for me to Draw. Ad the price 100$ for a year and monthly like 20$ the is really expensive. I think they can have more free pictures and more big pictures to do for free.


All it is is a cheaper version of sandbox coloring with terrible graphics


It’s a great game and it’s fun. It also passes time

Best color app

You are the best app I have ever played in my life so far!!!!!

Am I the only one...

Who finds some of the pictures a tad racist? There’s plenty of other coloring apps, I will go elsewhere. I too dislike the new scrolling option.


I love this app but you should let the players choose the colors they want to use and not that just they half to use the colors you guys choosed for them. So that is my segution for this app.

I like these game so much 👍

I like these game so much 👍

Over priced

I will admit I am completely addicted to this app. But the subscription for unlimited access is insanely and comically overpriced.

Girly gamers review

This is the best game in my opinion because when I am stressed it helps me a lot by the way can the creator make a game called 12345678910 I thought about it and it is going to be fun. Thank u very much

Color by number

I am going to go on this app everyday and I love this new game!😘😄😝

It’s very relaxing BUT...

Overall a great app. Until the scrolling feature was added. I don’t like going into the wrong square but the scrolling feature is so sensitive and it just takes the relaxing feature out of the app. I’m glad others have the same thoughts as me. This app is truly great but some recent updates have made me question it. I enjoy the new pages everyday. It keeps things interesting and you don’t run out of things to color. But other than the stress of the scrolling feature it’s a great app.


Hi there there should be a thing where you can do just whatever you want without unlocking

Best game at night

I love it is best at night

It’s the best


Love it!

I love coloring even if it takes a while like the tiger one it’s worth the time this even helps me calm down thanks for making this app.

Color by number

I love the app but I wish that every picture was free.But I still adore this idea and I will continue playing this app/game.

Swipe follows my finger

what an annoying feature. you barely move and then it scrolls so fast under my finger. ugh. please change this!!!

Good but....

First of all I love this app😍. I like all the new pictures and color 4 a day. I don’t have the subscription but there is no need for it. Although there is 1 problem in the new update they took away the eraser and added some bucket thingy which I don’t like 😡😡. Please bring back the eraser.

New update is terrible!

I miss the eraser tool. It was very useful and I used it to erase boxes that were the wrong color. I find VERY annoying that it moves while I am trying to color. It messes me up, bringing me back to the eraser problem. Wish these were both fixed and that I never updated this app. This would be a five star rating for me if these problems were fixed.

My review

Love this game 🦄💕

This app is amazing!!!!😱

First of all the colors are amazing Second of all the pictures I love them And third of all there’s always new pictures andI love them

More pics

Would be nice to have more free pics


Y’all are awesome


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new update made it more annoying

all around a great app. one of my favorites. but please get rid of that tracking camera, or at least give us the option to turn it off. that feature is way more annoying than helpful. i’d much prefer completely filling in an area and then zooming out, rather that accidentally coloring to close to the edge of the screen and having the screen zoom away from where i was coloring. but yeah, other than that i love this app.

Its okay it was better before though

In the update when u go to one side or another it will move u to that side if ur at the end. I hate that feature it is so annoying.

Coloring Fun!

I luv this app,but sometimes I can't see the new things when I have no internet so I want that to change so People can color new pictures when they have no internet.😛

The best coloring game ever!!!!

I think you should convince people that your game is better then there's.

L❤️VE the app. One thing...

I love this app. But when I want to do one of the pictures, it says something about a stupid trial that they say is free but it is not. I would like it better if I could do all of the pictures for FREE.

Luv this appp


Bright and lovely

This game is fun calm addicting and I love it I can play it in different ways and you can really do cool things like make your own fun picture it is bright and lovely and it has filters yay

Great app, but..

I don’t like the new scrolling feature. More often than not I end up coloring over the wrong numbers. I don’t think it necessarily needs to go away, since I’m sure there’s some people that like it. But I would like to at least be able to switch it off in the settings.

I love color by number

I love color by number because you get to color whatever you want 🤗

Scrolling is a no no!!

I love this app but it’s not my favorite since the last update has the new scrolling while your coloring it makes it stressful not relaxing I’d actually purchase a subscription if it didn’t have the scroll feature

Awesome game ❤️❤️❤️

I love this game so much I love coloring so this a perfect game for me

Love this app, but...

This is an amazing app. I love to play it all the time, I enjoy coloring from it a lot. I wish that they did not make you subscribe. It’s really not worth the money for just an app, even if it is a really good app. Maybe they could find a different way to get money, because I want to be able to get all the pictures, buckets, etc but I really just don’t want to pay that money. Hopefully they can think of another way, because I really do love this app.


This app is really stress relieving and I think that everyone should buy it.

I love this app

Your game is great but all of the things/drawings should be free but this game is great.

Love it but...

Well I love the creativity of it and the features, BUT when they deleted the erase button, I went nuts. Know I can’t erase. Plus the price of a subscription is to much. I can only take to photos for it and then says I have to pay 17 dollars!! I is like animal jam. Fun but sometimes boring


This app used to be great, until you updated it and made it where the screen moves as you get close to the edge. It moves way too fast and no matter what, you color out of the lines. It has gotten to the point that I have no desire to play anymore. You don’t even have a settings tab allowing people to choose which features they want to keep. Please change it back!

I LOVE it😍😍😍😍😍

This game is awesome I love how easy it is I finished the pharaoh one in just two mins!!!So if ur a easy game person this is for u!!!!!!!!

Great app to relax

It's an easy way to do something that doesn't require thinking. I love to use this app as a way to take quick breaks while doing homework.

I love this app, BUT...

I love this app so much. It’s not like the other coloring apps. It takes away my stress and I love watching the final product appear at the end of the coloring- it’s so satisfying. On the other hand, I do not enjoy that they took away the eraser feature. For people who have OCD, this is frustrating as we cannot erase our mistakes. Another new future that I dislike a lot is the scrolling future - it does not make it easier, at least in my opinion. There should be a settings option where you can have that on/off. Also, the new update includes a bucket type thing where you can press it to color all of those numbers in that picture...that defeats the ENTIRE purpose of this app. If you can’t take away the bucket thing, that should also be a setting that you can turn on and off. One last thing - MAJOR: the subscription price is absolutely ridiculous. I have NEVER seen a price for an app or game subscription so high. If you can’t lower the subscription price (which would be crazy), please make more images available each day. Instead of 2 or 3 new images a day, you should make like 20. One last thing is that for those that don’t have the subscription you should make an option that can make all of the subscription-only images disappear from their feed. It is very annoying to have to see those pictures there all the time, knowing that we can’t afford to color them. Seeing them isn’t going to change our minds to pay the outrageous price for the subscription. I really hope you consider my thoughts. Thank you.


Love the animation 👍👍👍👍👍


Please allow for scroll to be turned off, I play a lot less now because the scroll ruins it for me.

One star

For some reason with this app you have to pay 7.99 every week to use this. Even if you colored one picture that week you still have to pay 7.99 that week. You know stuff like this just pisses me off to no end! Get this app then rate it a one star then just delete the app.

Not a free app at all

It’s dishonest to mark this as “free.” You can’t do anything without giving a credit card. Hard pass.

Awesome but why is this happening

Hey i love the app and how it has animation now but on my iPhone 7 the animation dose not work so i don’t get any animation after i do a pic in that category and the icon that tells you it has animation dose not show. Is this because its not compatible ?

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