Color by Number: Coloring Book App Reviews

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I love this game so much

Color number

Color number is awesome you should get it

Don’t waste time.

Didn’t even get to choose if I wanted to do the trial or not.


The coloring pictures are adorable although I wish you could have access to everything it is a great app!!


Your dumb game has unlimited buckets! I’m sick of wasting my time coloring 25 squares of the same number! What is the point in putting a bucket in their if it’s useless half the time. I planned on using the app for awhile, but at this point I don’t even know how, because it’s just become crap. I’m sick of being limited to the coloring pages I can color. Why do you have to be VIP? Do some people deserve to color the pictures they want to color and others don’t, cause if so that’s not fair! Despite the fact that app makes me frustrated instead of relaxed like it should, it is bette than a regular coloring app, it’s easy and efficient. I like the coloring pages (that I can color anyway), but please fix the buckets, it’s just ridiculous. Don’t make bad apps and waste people’s time by getting them to use it. I have this four stars because it is the coloring app that I have been looking for, you can color it anywhere there’s WiFi without problems, but there has to be some improvements made to the app, because it’s not the best that it could be!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😤 And I’m sick of the app glitching with the new update! It always crashes and exits out of the game. Sometimes I can’t even color cause it doesn’t work! Fix it and don’t ignore this comment!😡🤬


No scary things it kills me to see stuff like granny or something I don't like the freaking app

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Please bring back the eraser


I loved the little Shiba coloring one it was so much fun downloading this game. I hope newer updates are on their way 😃

The app

It is so good I love this app so much


I love coloring and I love drawing everyday to😽

Good but Not

Color by Number has a great selection of things to do but the ads take the time that you want! Pls consider my request.


Love this game

Go color

This app is amazing To me and shows me math is not that bad when it’s with art. :)


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Fun but expensive

I very seldom write a review but I felt for this app I should. This app is SO MUCH FUN and very relaxing. They give you a lot of free options with new ones everyday. But the weekly, monthly, and yearly are wayyyyyyy too expensive! $8 a week , $20 monthly, $100 dollars a year? Netflix is $8 dollars a month. Really?! That’s crazy. I'd get this if it was even $50 a year (even that is expensive) but definitely not $100. Please change this.

Awsome game

This game is awsome to come home and play soo relaxing

AWESOME App 👉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃

AWESOME!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😄😁

It’s good, but it has its issues.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really fun and relaxing. The only issues that I have with it, is that after you’re done coloring an image or an animation, it shows you an ad as soon as you hit the ⬅️ button. The second issue that I have with it, is that you can only import two pictures into the app. If you don’t like the first or second picture that you did, it won’t let you do any more...even if you delete the picture(s).

Fun but over priced

A great app overall but in order to color anything cool or to upload more then 2 things you need to pay 10$ a month.

Love this game! Miss the flash

Love this app. Love the new hidden image feature! My only issue is the flash is gone now. I really enjoyed the flash letting me know when a number block is completed. Please bring it back.


But it’s hard to view a single spot

Color by number

Sooo much fun!


😂 it's ight


Hold on what’s this update! 3D pictures that is awesome so can I change my mind on that other review I updated this app one last time and was about to delete when my update was completed so I said, well let me see what the what that update did to the app so I checked and it had added 3D coloring pages and the new that no also you can filter your picture it is so cool so if any of y’all don’t like this game then update it when you update it the game gets really cool as you can tell what I have writ in my review. I hope I can do another good review for you guys again and p.s this is going in the news paper 📝 because I am a critical so....... this is a game that is a hit and as soon as this goes in the news paper this *game* will be being played around the globe 🌍 so keep on making games like this and you will be famous! Keep up the hard work! This is your critical signing out! Bye friends, hope to do this again soon with another one of your Games! Well yeah bye 👋


This coloring app is great! I’ve seen a butch of other ones and I have never found an amazing one like this game! I recommend it!


I Love it’s 💛💜

Love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍

It is fun and awesome coloring on your phone 📱 and you have to work with numbers so it is kinda educational(not)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this app

Very addictive and enjoyable.

This is so cool

I love the new 3D printing and it’s so easy


Ok I know I just got it and I only did one but it’s fun I recommend it to every one and I have a friend who has it because I told her to and she loved it so she still has it and she told her sister to get it and she did and she told her friends and so on but you need this game it reliefs stress and yeah ......the end.

Color number

I love this game so Much it took me out of my favorite.


It deleted my picture I made and I can’t get it back

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUPER ADDICTING !!!!!!!!!! SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great app

I highly recommend this app it never gets boring the ONLY thing is that they need to have more new pictures each day. #colorbynumberapp

Pretty great

I love this game so much and I love how they have the AR camera to project your 3-D pictures onto anything the only thing I wish they did have is when you are done making the pictures and then it would make like some kind of motion or movement like if there was a laughing crying emoji 😂 I would want the tears to actually fall out of the eyes and move when you were done making it!!!!!😁😁😁😁


How do I cancel this? I didn’t mean to confirm a purchase.

Color by number


Is few fixes but fun

This game is fun but here are soooooooo many terrible things about it the free trial for extra stuff keeps coming up everytime I go into the game a new image or even when I want to make my own image of myself and the it won’t let me because of the lame trial. Don’t get me wrong this game is fun but the extra stuff to get is 7:99 dollars a mounth that is really ridiculous and I would never get it also. When I take a picture of myself then do the image the colors are completely different than my actual skin tone! So J do like this game because of how fun it is but for these reasons it is really annoying.

Color number

I like the 3D shapes that you added

Good but glitch

The app is good but mine has glitch once that’s why I gave you four stars sorry it glitch


About baking cupcakes


every time i get a notification that there are new pics, there aren’t. not for like an hour or two. pls fix this.

Great art

Color by number is great! You can make beautiful art for free. When you are on a car trip you can play it because color by number does not need WiFi to play the game!😍

The update has updated ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love what you guys did with this app!!!! I love the little squares that pop out when you color it, I love the little dots in the background, I love the new images, and the eraser is back.YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!butl do have a suggestion.what if you made a search bar,so when you try to find a certain image,it will be EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s,READ THIS!

Why I love color by number

It’s a good game and because it helps when I’m bored I’m done okay bye bye

I love this game

This is awesome amazing

The best game

I love this game it shows all my creativity it is my life 😄☺️

Color by number

I love color by number because it has 3D things

Love it

Play it alllll the time. I understand that people hated the update, but at least it is now fixed. I can not live without this game, it is so addicting.

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